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the airbrush girlTM

  • Winnetka || NORTHFIELD  
A CUSTOM airbrush TANNING SERVICE ||  7+years experience
using only SAFE | non toxic products + SOLUTIONS ||
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SERVICES + s o l u t i o n s 

Your Tan should last 5-10 days (Depending on your skin chemistry and after care)

+Keeping your skin moisturized after your session is highly recommended for best results.

All custom airbrush tan solution applications with Denna will include the following

- Ph Balancing Pre-Tan Treatment 
- Skin Moisture locking Formula 
- Fast Acting Tan, ("Rapid Tan")

- Violet,Brown and Green Tones  

- Extreme dark, fast developing + drying no smudging formula

- Vit D3 drops

- Anti-age Drops

-STANDARD Solution   $65 

(rinse off 8-12 hours after application) this is a solution some may like to keep on overnight.


- RAPID Solution     $65

(rinse off 1-4 or 6 hours after application) color is determined by time.   

Please note after your first rinse of your spray tan, will appear lighter or completely gone, and maybe not so perfect, don't worry or try to fix anything, this is just the cosmetic bronzers, and not the final result.

However, you'll get darker and the tan sets in better while it continues to work with your melanin/epidermis. Your true shade will appear on day 2.


It is not recommended to postpone post-tan showers longer than 6 hours with a rapid solution.

All products guaranteed EcoCert compliant nontoxic solutions & safe for nursing and expecting mothers

(while using safe and appropriate levels) 

+ Single Session 10-12 min         $65  


+ 4oz Organic Body Balm          $35     


+ Anti-Aging Bronzing Rejuvenator   $40

+ tanning face mist 0.2oz                    $20

+ Self Tanning Mousse & Tan Mitt Applicator   $60


+Nut Free blends

+All natural and Organic ingredients

+Paraben and Gluten free, vegan

+Aloe Barbadensis-

||soothes, moisture, healing
dihydroxyacetone (DHA; 1,3‐dihydroxy‐2‐propanone

+Acai Berry 
+Goji Berry 
+Green and White Tea||antioxidants

body balm ingredients

+Organic coconut oil

+Shea butter 

+Vitamin e (45,000 IU)

+Prickly Pear

+Vitamin D3

+Organic rosehip oil

+Sea Buckthorn oil

+Essential oils - (doTERRA Lavender)


ABOUT the airbrush girl

As an expert in the art of custom airbrush tanning and a strong believer in all natural products, Denna, the creator of “The Airbrush Girl”, has been driven and inspired by her passion for wellness and beauty.


Her experience in the tanning industry with her mom and her team of DHA manufacturers/ developers has influenced and led her to become more considerate and well informed of what "a Glow" should look like, and most importantly what should be appropriate for skincare and health.


Having spent several years testing different DHA formulas and studying how they develop with a variety of skin tones has allowed Denna to apply the most natural looking custom Airbrush tan for different skin tones.


Denna is certified to train on the application for airbrush tans and has been given ability to mix custom solutions for different skin types. She selects only the best and most innovative, natural formulas on the market and  private labeled under The Airbrush GirlTM to best accommodate a variety of skin tones allowing for high end quality service and client satisfaction.


•Stay humble HUSTLE hard• ______________
Pre+post tan care


Please follow these pre and post-tanning directions to ensure

best tan results.​

Keep in mind: The tan looks better 2 days after session.  

Wednesday + Thursday appts for Saturday events are best.

Manicure, pedicure wax+ spa services:

Should all be done at least a day before your tan session.


*Mani and Pedi can be done on same day after rinsing off a Rapid Tan.   

Shower, shave+ exfoliate your body 24 hours before your airbrush session. This will prepare your skin, leaving it clean, but giving it time to gain its natural or neutral ph level. The solutions works really well on skin that is at a "not too dry, but not too oily balance".

*It's best to use a clear shower gel, not like Olay, Dove, or any bar of soap that may leave a residue on your skin that can interfere with the application.

**If you have very dry skin you may use a light lotion after your shower, making sure it's absorbed way before your session.

*No makeup and no deodorant before your session.

(we have makeup wipes, if needed)

The day of your airbrush tan: 

*Bring or wear comfortable clothes for after session.

*The solution will not stain your clothes.

*The actual airbrush application takes 5 minutes. 


*Total meeting, set up, and application takes up to or less than 10 minutes.

*For the actual airbrush session you can wear your own underwear or swimwear. A lot of my clients don't like any tan lines and that's totally fine with me!

my Organic Body BALM and after tan anti age bronze maintainer

*The way to keep your glow lasting, and fade the right way is to moisturize your skin properly with the right stuff.

the Anti Age lotion is a pro grade spacifically formulated for  after tan maintenance $40

ill have that at my studio and we can chat more in person about it.


I also really love my organic body balm. $35

It's a totally natural product that I created for myself, and now for my clients. Something that is actually really good for your skin, and can be compatible with a pre or post spray tan.

ingredients in some of these products


Jojoba oil

Shea butter  

Coconut oil

Vit e 

Rosehip oil


Essential oils used for skin and anti-age(by DOTERA AND YOUNG LIVING ONLY)


+If you don't use my body balm or lotions try using something unscented, or a more natural product.

ill share with you my favorites, I feel work best for post tan.

See more info on tan preventatives list

color developing:

Try to keep skin dry and cool, while tan is developing. 

While the tan is developing, if you notice slight imperfections, or smudging, this is not anything to worry about, it's just the cosmetic bronzer and is totally normal, it is temporary until your shower. 

If you like to leave tan over night and go past 12 hours, this will depend on what solution type is applied or tan desired.

Rinse body: 

Wash your body with soap using your hands, no scrubbing with loofah. 

You will see some cosmetic bronzer in the shower; that's normal.

Pat dry your skin after your shower, do not rub or wipe too hard with the towel. 

-The idea is to keep this "new glow" as long as you can, so to be sensitive, keep skin moisturized is key. be easy on your new sun kissed looking skin.

Shaving after a tan is ok if needed, it just may lighten the tan.

See more info on tan preventatives list.

Avoid long, hot showers or baths, excessive sweating, and scrubbing the skin while having a fresh airbrush tan. Swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s, saunas, and steam rooms may all shorten the length of your tan.

Working out should be ok, but avoid sweating excessively. Dab sweat, do not wipe too hard.

if you workout a day after your session

You may want to  wear dark clothing because you might see some light yellowish color from the tan/or bronzer inside your clothes.


Don’t limit yourself on your vacation.

If you will be in chlorine or natural salt water, a thick layer of SPF lotion may help protect your tan. still I don't recommend sitting in natural or chlorine for too long.  

+See more info on this in

 preventatives lists.


Days after your tan:

When your skin is in fading mode it shouldn't look blotchy at all, it should look like faint freckling off, hardly noticeable and easy to remove whatever is left over, this is the "naturally exfoliating", "skin shedding", "back to pale" process, and you want to clear off any left over solution, you may scrub any bit of color left by soaking skin in warm bath using a warm, wet towel and soap, or a loofah to clean extra old color off skin. I really also like using my body balm or coconut oil along with a warm wet wash cloth, That's what I found to work the best for exfoliating my skin back to clean natural base again. You'll see the color transferring on to the towel, that's ok as it'll come out in the wash.

*See me again 12 days after your session, if needed. *This way you have a new clean layer of skin to tan for your next event.

Tan preventatives list:





●A woman’s tan may develop differently during various hormonal changes (ovulation, menstruation, menopause, or pregnancy). It may fade harsh, produce a patchy effect, develop a lighter color or no color at all

●Some users have found that Dove soap and shower gel will fade a tan faster 

●Curel lotion

●Hair inhibiting lotions (Jergens) tend to make a sunless tan yellow

●Anti-aging products that “renew”, “refresh”, or otherwise exfoliate the skin

●AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids – glycolic, lactic, malic, citric, and tartaric acids)

●Retin – A type products (Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, Tretinoin)

●Toners containing alcohols or witch hazel

●Anti-acne products that exfoliate the skin – accutane, salicylic acid

●Harsh makeup removers

●Bar soaps, especially deodorant varieties

●Usage of loofa, scrub mitt, etc..

●Removal of adhesive tape or band aids

●Facial masks and exfoliating scrub

●Bore type adhesive facial strips

●Wax hair removal

●Depilatory hair removal products like Nair, or Veet, etc.

●Shaving exfoliates skin, which fades your tan. (Clients should always use a sharp clean razor with a lubricating product/hair conditioner  which will not damage a tan. A dull razor scrapes off more skin

●Sweating and workouts my lighten a tan.

●Body hair bleach

●Submersion in hot tub, swimming pool with chlorine, or salt water. An application of a thick waterproof lotion sun block helps

●People with oily skin tend to develop a lighter tan than people with dry skin. The oil can coat the skin while the dry skin absorbs more products at a faster rate

●Bug spray, when sprayed directly onto the skin, can remove or fade the tan



-Custom airbrush tans typically develop beautifully with time and care. 

-Most important thing to understand is that the solution is a natural based product that will work differently depending on skin chemistry. Everyone is different and results will always vary.

-Wait 7-10 days for your next session.

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